ABOUT Pro DEsign

Pro DEsign with expert teams and reputable sources, helps you to increase your buying power, boost efficiency, decrease costs and gain access to better contracts by cheaper prices and better delivery time, than you could negotiate on your own.

Pro DEsign’s team with its international expertise and well-known supplier network, brings all these benefits at the core of its procurement services to the clients.

Implementation of following principles in our core policies, apart from other procurement service providers:

Strategic Sourcing
Pro DEsign optimizes product and service offerings to achieve the client’s objective by leveraging highly knowledgeable product directors assigned to specific categories of materials, equipment, and services.

Material Management
Our international team of material management can support execution excellence by managing the quality and timely delivery of equipment from manufacturing facility to job site.

Our experienced engineering team with international knowledge are able to offer the engineering services in field of oil and gas and especially in flare gas recovery system, air separation units and process packages.

Pro DEsign fulfills your requirement and expectation in commercial and technical point of views to provide below services:

Supplying equipment in offshore and onshore facilities:

  • Process package

  • Rotary equipment

  • Monitoring and measurement and control technology

  • Flare gas recovery system

  • Spare parts supplying


  • Project management

  • Engineering services

  • Training courses for rotary equipment

  • Commissioning supervision


we provide comprehensive solution in Oil & Gas and petrochemical industries by collaboration and partnership with world-renown manufacturers, consultants as well as fully professional personnel who are experts in their field to execute the national and strategic projects.

All provided solution (equipment and services) are incompliance with international law and regulation and in accordance with international standard and code such as API, DIN, ASTM, ASME, ALPEMA, ATEX,  .Etc along with project specifications and specific project conditions as custom made products.

Pro DEsign has ongoing operation office in Germany and Turkey with local staffs to facilities communication between Vendor and Clients, project expediting, Order handling, technical meeting, Financial management and Control project.