• Air & Gas Compressor Packages

  • Bio Gas/ Waste Gas / Flare Gas Recovery
  • Nitrogen Generation Package
  • Refrigeration Systems

  • Hydrogen Production Unit

  • Flare Recovery/Waste Gas Recovery Systems

  • Water/ Waste Water Treatment Solutions

  • Bagging and Palletizing Systems
  • Metering, Loading / Unloading Arms Systems
  • Heat tracing system
  • Fire fighting Equipment

Air & Gas Compressor Packages

We can Offer Custom Made Air & Gas Compressor Packages as per Project Requirement in Critical Areas and as per International Standards Like API and ISO

Our solution covers Oil Free Screw, Oil Flooded Screw, Reciprocating, and Centrifugal Compressor Types and we can handle Hydrocarbon and non-Hydrocarbon Gases Even Sour Gases can be handled by our units

Air Separation Units

We can provide complete solution for our customers including Air, Nitrogen and oxygen as per project requirement and defined capacities

Refrigeration Systems

Refrigeration Systems using oil flooded screw Compressor is one of our key expertise and we have many installations all over the country. We can use Ammonia, Propane, Propylene, and other gases as per Site Condition and required refrigeration Capacity

Nitrogen Generation Systems

Nitrogen Generation systems can be offered as Membrane Type for smaller capacities, PSA Type for medium range, and Cryogenic Type for bigger Capacity and highest Purity as well as having Liquid Nitrogen. We can study and recommend selected technology based on customer requirements

Hydrogen Production Units

Hydrogen Packages can be offered based on Steam Reforming technology and PSA Technology for purification to meet the production process requirements of the plants

Flare Recovery/Waste Gas Recovery Systems

Flare Recovery or waste Gas recovery packages can be offered to reduce the CO2 Emission for environmental aspects as well as preventing of wasting the Gas and capability to reuse the Gas and accordingly energy saving, the package is equipment with Gas Compressor Packages which respective type can be defined based on Capacity and Gas Condition

Flare Systems

Elevated and Ground Flare System would be designed and Manufactured according to Project Needs as per International Standards

Water & Waste Water Solutions

Latest technologies for Water Waste Water Treatment can be offered and we can provide design as well as procurement and manufacturing services in our Facilities and provide a turnkey solution. RO Systems, EDI, Mixed Bed Exchangers

Bagging and Palletizing Systems

Bagging Systems are essential needs of many petrochemical plants and with support of our European Partner we can offer complete solution

Loading / Unloading Arms Systems

Loading/Unloading Arms Systems are essential needs of Oil, Gas, and petrochemical plants which can be offered based on plant type and selected technology